Storage Cube

2017-02-02-10-02-49One of the problems that I appear to have in my house is that I lack storage solutions. Big storage and little storage alike. We seem to have lots and lots and lots of little ‘bits’ that don’t seem to have a home, so invariably end up scattered over surfaces, on sofas, floors etc. I have already started working on some simple box storage which I will post about later on, so simple you’d never believe it! But I wanted to try my hand at something a little bit prettier and more creative.

And so my first storage cube was born. Custom made to fit a window sill in my newly decorated cloakroom, and in some left over fabric from making a summer hat for Small. Here is how I did it….

Cut five 7in (18cm) squares each of the printed fabric (this 2017-01-16-12-50-22measurement was to fit onto the windowledge)
Cut five 6¾ in (17.5cm) squares of fabric for the lining, five of heavyweight fusible interfacing.Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of each of the printed squares. Right sides together pin two 2017-01-16-12-50-49adjacent squares together at the side edges. Sew them together using 1cm seam, and start and finish 1cm from the top and bottom edges to allow for the next join. This forms the ‘walls’ of the cube.

Pin the remaining printed square to the bottom edges of the other four, 2017-01-16-13-02-16with right sides together, and sew a 1cm seam around all four edges.
Repeat the process without the interfacing for the lining.2017-02-02-10-01-31

Turn the printed fabric cube inside out so that the right side is facing out. Place the lining cube inside this with the right side inside and line up. Tuck both top raw edges in and pin together. Sew a 1cm seam
around to finish off neatly.

Hope that all makes sense! It wasn’t the quickest of ways to make a cube I think, and it was a bit fiddly, but it worked. I have another idea, and as I need plenty of little storage solutions I am sure there will be more blog posts to come…


Monday Make – Something Pretty

Hello again! Two posts in two days, I’m spoiling myself!!!

As part of my new way of thinking this year I’ve decided that I am going to try to dedicate some time each week to making something. It may be something useful like some storage, something practical like a new meal, or something decorative for me or for the house. Whatever it may be, making things helps my happiness levels. A lot. I really enjoy being able to let my creative juices flow, things don’t always go according to plan, but on the whole even if the outcome is a flop I enjoy the process hugely.

And so, welcome to my first ‘Monday Make’!! Jewellery is something that I have never really bought a lot of in the past, as I seem on the most part unable to find something that I like in a style that I like, and in the colours that I want. So I figured that with all my crafty bits that I have scattered around the house there should be enough to put together something that I like. One of the things that I do have that I absolutely adore is a blue and green dress. I genuinely love it, and I hope that it does not fall to pieces from wearing and washing it so much as I will truly be gutted. So I set about making some bracelets to dress it up a little bit when I fancied, but also something that I could wear with jeans and a jumper. My go-to colour at the moment is a lovely jade green colour.2016-12-29-12-44-20

These are the beads that I started out with. They were old ones that had come off a bracelet ages ago, and had faded a lot as you can see on the left. I painted them all over with a couple of coats of my fave jade nail polish and they looked as good as new!

Once they were dry I threaded them and some other matching beads on some clear jewellery making elastic in the order that I wanted them. At this point I did play around with the order of them a bit until I was happy them.

Once I was happy I threaded the elastic through the spare loop from the beginning button so that it didn’t slip, and then started to thread back though in the opposite direction in which I had come. With the flat buttons I threaded up and under where previously I had threaded down and under, so that each button was secured on both sides if that makes sense. Once I got back to the beginning I secured it all with a couple of good knots, although I should perhaps have used some kind of glue?? and then kind of tucked the loose ends inside one of the beads so that it doesn’t show.

I was so pleased with it that I made another one straight away while I had all my beads and buttons out. They only took around 10 minutes each to do, but I can’t wait to get wearing them. They will bring a smile to my face and a glow to my heart for sure when I wear them

Allison x

New Year, New Goals

Many of us, myself most definitely included, are living in survival mode. I feel like all I do is barely keep afloat, with so much going on, and going wrong, that I often feel really overwhelmed! I have this underlying feeling that this is not what I really want to be doing with my life, but have not yet figured out what it is that I actually do want.

Over the last few weeks in the lead up to the new year I have put aside some time to figure 20161225_124600out exactly that. What am I doing? What do I want? I made a mind-map of big areas in my life that I wanted to work on. Actually when I sat down and properly really thought about it (and not allowed myself to drift off to thinking about what to cook for tea, or how I was going to manage this month’s mortgage payment, or get another cup of coffee) it actually didn’t take me very long at all. It all sort of flowed out, like it had always been there, just that I had hidden it all away somewhere.
Once I started I realised that there were some key areas, so I tried to make some specific goals for each one. My next step needs to be to make those goals as smart as possible – specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and timely. Then I can figure out the steps that I need to take in order to achieve those goals. Break it down, little-by-little. This is usually where I feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to tackle everything at once.  Instead, with the help of my trusty planner, I’m going to decide  which tasks to tackle in which month, and then try to spread them week-by-week, assigning small manageable tasks to days in my planner. Over the next few weeks, I can start making small changes, and gradually make the changes and do the work that I need to do.



So, for example, with the house. I want to get the house sorted by the next long school holidays. So I have allocated two areas in my house to sort out each month.
Then for each month I have made a list of what needs to be tackled in each room, eg painting, sorting more storage space etc. Then as I come to write up that month’s planner, I can fit those tasks into specific days in the planner. Bite sized chunks.