Storage Cube

2017-02-02-10-02-49One of the problems that I appear to have in my house is that I lack storage solutions. Big storage and little storage alike. We seem to have lots and lots and lots of little ‘bits’ that don’t seem to have a home, so invariably end up scattered over surfaces, on sofas, floors etc. I have already started working on some simple box storage which I will post about later on, so simple you’d never believe it! But I wanted to try my hand at something a little bit prettier and more creative.

And so my first storage cube was born. Custom made to fit a window sill in my newly decorated cloakroom, and in some left over fabric from making a summer hat for Small. Here is how I did it….

Cut five 7in (18cm) squares each of the printed fabric (this 2017-01-16-12-50-22measurement was to fit onto the windowledge)
Cut five 6¾ in (17.5cm) squares of fabric for the lining, five of heavyweight fusible interfacing.Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of each of the printed squares. Right sides together pin two 2017-01-16-12-50-49adjacent squares together at the side edges. Sew them together using 1cm seam, and start and finish 1cm from the top and bottom edges to allow for the next join. This forms the ‘walls’ of the cube.

Pin the remaining printed square to the bottom edges of the other four, 2017-01-16-13-02-16with right sides together, and sew a 1cm seam around all four edges.
Repeat the process without the interfacing for the lining.2017-02-02-10-01-31

Turn the printed fabric cube inside out so that the right side is facing out. Place the lining cube inside this with the right side inside and line up. Tuck both top raw edges in and pin together. Sew a 1cm seam
around to finish off neatly.

Hope that all makes sense! It wasn’t the quickest of ways to make a cube I think, and it was a bit fiddly, but it worked. I have another idea, and as I need plenty of little storage solutions I am sure there will be more blog posts to come…